Imagine getting into the MBA, MPA or MPP program of your dreams

Feeling overwhelmed with your B-School application? Worried that you're not putting your best foot forward? Don't even know where to start? We get it! We know that feeling of anxiousness and that nagging suspicion that you're doing something wrong. We've been there!

If you work with a Get In2 Grad School consultant you can rest assured that the application you submit will be the best possible version of what you are capable of producing. Your unique story will come out in full force. Our consultants ensure that you leave nothing on the table.

Unlike other companies, whose coaches have never gotten into a top school --or maybe have graduated decades ago, all of our consultants are recent graduates of elite graduate programs. We offer the most up to date perspective on what admissions officers are looking for.

Learn our proven processes, gain laser-like focus and empower yourself into receiving that acceptance letter from the school of your dreams.

Graduate school admissions consulting for MBA, MPA, and MPP programs

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How can we help?

We offer expertise in the following areas and will teach you our proven methodologies


We will help you craft your resume through multiple one on one iterations


Your admissions consultant will guide you through all three phases of your admission strategy: Development, Planning and Execution. From whether to take the GMAT or GRE to advice on who should write your letters of recommendation, your consultant will be there every step of the way

Admissions Essays

Your consultant will review your essays and offer edits for grammar as well as content; ensuring your story is told clearly and concisely

“Navigating the application process can be very intimidating, but Desmond provided exactly what I needed to get through it. From helping to craft my application strategy, to deciding whether to take the GMAT or GRE, to answering my numerous questions, Desmond could always be counted on to guide me through the process with novel and rock solid ideas. I would not have been able to produce an application of such high quality without his guidance. I am certain my odds of being admitted to Booth and Harvard increased dramatically with his assistance. The competition to gain admittance to MBA programs increases each year. Knowing this, Desmond helped me confront the weak points in my application head on and find solutions, all without trying to embellish reality or distort the facts. I owe  a big THANK YOU to Get In2 Grad School for all of the help in getting me here. You’re the best at what you do!”

Chris J. (U. Chicago Booth MBA '20, Harvard MPA '22)
Desmond Spencer is the head admissions consultant and founder of Get In2 Grad School. He holds an MPA from The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and an MBA from The Kenan-Flagler School of Business at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to attending grad school, Desmond was a Captain in the United States Air Force, where he served as a project manager developing the next generation of GPS satellites. Upon graduating from Harvard, he entered the business world as a federal government relations manager for a Fortune 100 company. He now dedicates his time to helping candidates get into the graduate school of their dreams.

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